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Bill Stannard

It is with sadness that we inform members that Bill, a Korean veteran, passed away on Tuesday 12 January 2016 following a short illness.


Bill's funeral was held on Thursday 4 February at 1440 hours (2.40pm) at Pitsea Crematorium also known as Basildon Crematorium, Church Road, Bowers Gifford,

Basildon SS13 2HG.

David Dixon

David passed away
31 August.

David served 1962-65.

In the late 1960's he lived in the USA where he married, but returned to the UK in 1995. Pictured here at our annual dinner.

Brian Hawkes

Brian was very sadly killed in a road traffic accident in Cheriton on 1 August. His funeral was held at Hawkinge Crematorium, Aerodrome Road, Folkestone at 11am on Friday 28 August. Members who attended were Mike Mogridge, George Rose, Betty Crowley and Richard Stew who carried the 1st Bn Standard.

Fred Poulter

Fred passed away on
1 June 2015 aged 81.

Born on 15 May 1934,
he served in Korea, Hong Kong, Egypt and the Sudan. He was a L/Corp.

Fred was a familiar face at reunions and always wore a big smile. He will be sorely missed by his many friends at the Tower.

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    Members we have lost recently

  • Alan Kirk

    Alan Kirk died 29 December 2012.  He served 1955-57 as a National Servicemen and was an MT driver.  Promoted LCpl he became the CO’s driver and served in Suez and Cyprus.  Alan is shown below; he is the man on the right with the sten gun.  The others are Alan Avery and Mike Alston.


  • Hugh Myers

    Hugh Myers died 4 February 2013, aged 90 years. Hugh served with Derek Wright in Italy during WWll. He was a great supporter at reunions and always attended Remembrance Sunday at Holborn.

  • Derek Wright

    Derek Wright died 9 June 2013, aged 90 years. A WWll veteran, he first served with the East Yorks in North Africa. Derek then joined 1RF in Italy, just after the crossing of the River Sangro in November 1943.

  • Tom Coward

    Tom Coward died on 13 July 2013.  He first served as a National Serviceman with 1st Bn Royal Fusiliers 1949-51. In 1952 whilst serving with the TA he was among the troops who lined the streets of London for the funeral of King George VI. He re-enlisted as a Regular shortly thereafter to serve with the Bn in Korea.  Posted to C Coy he was among those sent back to England to take part in the Coronation Parade for Queen Elizabeth II.  Whilst stationed at Dover he met and married his wife Win and they went on to have 7 children, 21 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren.  He was subsequently stationed with 1 RF in Sudan, Suez, Malta, Colchester, Osnabruck, Shorncliffe, where he was appointed RQMS, Sharjah and finally Gibraltar.  He was the Warrant Officer IC the Old Colour Party on Vesting Day in Sharjah when 1 RF became 3 RRF.  Before then, in 1963, when the new cap badge was adopted, Tom always wore his Royal Fusiliers cap badge inside his head dress – he was a Royal Fusilier body and soul!  At his funeral in Folkestone his coffin was borne by 6 of his grandsons, the chapel was filled with Association members, the senior being Brigadier Minter.

  • Jim Stear

    Jim Stear died on 26 July 2013 in hospital in Munster (Germany) where he had lived for many years after his discharge in 1966. He enlisted into the Royal Fusiliers first in 1951 and served in UK. BAOR, war service in Korea, Sudan and Suez. Discharged to the Reserve in 1957, he re-enlisted a year later and continued to serve until 1966 when he was finally discharged from 1 RF in Osnabruck.

  • Eddie Reeves

    Eddie Reeves died 6 October 2013, aged 79 years. Eddie Served 1952-1955 in Egypt and Sudan. Trained as a driver, he also had a spell in the Regimental Police. He joined the Association in 1994 and in 1998 became a committee man. He attended every meeting until ill health prevented him from doing so. Eddie and his with Pat would often attend tours with good friends Terry and Betty Crowley, Bill and Chris Gardener and Bert Mayle and his partner Mel.

    Bill carried the Standard at his funeral.

  • Russell Edwards

    Russell Edwards died 14 June 2013. He served 1951-54, first with the Queens Regiment then transferring to 1st RF. His service took him to Korea, Egypt and Sudan where he became a corporal.

  • James Elvins

    James Elvins died on 22 November, he was 87. James served in WWII and Korea with 1RF from 1945 – 1953 becoming a sergeant.


  • Jim Fullager

    Sgt. Alan Thomas 'Jim' Fullager died peacefully in his sleep on 26 September 2013, aged 86. He had been suffering with Parkinsons for some years.

    Jim served with the 2nd Bn. RF in 1945-47 before joining the 1st Bn. 1947-53. He served in Germany, Egypt, Greece and Korea. His wife May sent us this photo of Jim in service. Much missed by son Dennis and daughter Joan.

  • John Gardner

    John Gardner passed away on 13 October 2013 aged 80. John served 1950-53 including Korea. On leaving the army he married Ann, who kindly sent this photo of John.

    They lived in Alcester, Warkwickshire.

  • Major Mike Warren

    Major Mike James Warren died on 18 December 2013. A Memorial Service was held at St. James Church, Nayland on the 13 January 2014. His dear wife Anne predeceased him by two years and he leaves two sons Christopher and James.


    He was instrumental in forming the very first Recce Platoon for the 1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regt) in 1961, which he commanded for two years at Hyderabad Barracks in Colchester, and some members of the original platoon were able to attend the Memorial Service.


    Captain Warren, as we knew him in 1961, was my first platoon commander after my basic training in the Tower of London. We were moved to Hyderabad Barracks, Colchester, shortly before the main battalion came back from Malta. I was put on an NCO cadre, lasting several months and during this time Capt. Warren and Sgt. Rogers were instructed by the CO, Lt. Col. Taylor, to implement a new idea and form a Reconnaissance Platoon that would be unlike any other. They had been given carte blanche to choose whomsoever they felt would fit the bill. The gathering took on an air of fighting behind the lines with its need for total secrecy. The brief was to get us trained up, not an easy task, for a new concept. I was so lucky to be part of that new strategy of high command.


    However, the 22 months of our National Training was a steep learning curve for all of us and I do believe we were welded into a very efficient platoon with great respect for each other and for our Captain. It was then that we felt we were the chosen few, and regarded ourselves as quite special. In this elite group we had access to more Landrovers (new), radios and cookers than the CO!


    Captain Warren had chosen his men with great care and skill; in fact, at the reunion for our 30 year anniversary, he told us in his speech that we really had been the “chosen few” and the “cream of the battalion” – all said with his unmistakable impish smile and sense of fun. He chose so well that we still keep in touch even though some of us have moved overseas. It was such a happy platoon that lads were queuing up to join us. I don’t believe we could have been improved upon!


    He worked us hard and we all learnt a great deal about cunning and deception. We spent hours practicing using the radios, quizzing each other to perfect our techniques, although I never did find out why Hatfield was famous.


    Capt. Warren had the rare ability to instil respect for, and loyalty to, all ranks both above and below. He was loyal to his men and had the precious gift of humour. I will never forget his smile when he was approving of his men, which was just short of a belly laugh but loud enough to show that he was pleased with us.


    He was a true officer and gentleman in the traditional sense and we sensed the genuine affection he had for all of us. As our “boss”, we all endeavoured to do our best for him. A very special man in all our lives and I feel very sad that this phase of our lives has passed. I will remember him with great regard.


    Raymond Davidson, former NCO 1 RF Recce Platoon



  • Reg Godling

    Reg Goding died on 24 July 2014. Reg served with the Royal Fusiliers in Italy during WW2 where he lost his eyesight during the Battle of the River Sangro.

    After the war, St Dunstans helped Reg to build a life for himself with Barclays as a telephonist. He remained a proud Fusilier all his life.

Walter (Wally) Arthur Robinson

Wally passed away on 22th September 2015. He had battled against COPD for the last 20 years, which had worsened over the past 2 years.

Wally served from 1949-1954 in Germany and at the Tower. Like so many of that time, Wally was a fine boxer, and during his service in Berlin he was the British Army of the Rhine Inter-Unit Boxing Champion (Welterweight) of 1950 and 1951. Wally joined the Association in 2012, but due to his ill health was never able to attend any reunions, but did however find great comfort in reading his White Hackle newsletter.

Our thanks to his proud daughter Julie, who kindly sent us these photos.


Fred Todd

Fred passed away on 25th August 2015. His funeral, which was a private family affair, was held on Thursday 17th September.

Fred served 1953-54, which included Korea.

A regular at reunions and the annual dinner, he will be sadly missed by his many friends at the Tower.


Bob Johnstone

Bob passed away on 20 January 2015. His funeral was held on Friday 27 February.

Born in 1941, he served between 1959 – 1965 in Malta, Germany and Colchester.

A regular at reunions and tours, Bob is pictured on the left at a recent dinner at the Tower.

Harry Tyler

Harry passed away on 10th October 2015, aged 84.

A veteran of Korea, including Operation PIMLICO. Harry was promoted to Sergeant with the Battalion in Sudan.

Fred Alford

Fred passed away on 15 October aged 77.

His funeral was on the 28th October at Durrington Cemetery, Worthing West Sussex. Our secretary, Captain Davis was in attendance to represent the Association.


Corporal /Sergeant Frederick WG  Alford- 23461721- Signals Platoon-Middle East Division - 1954–1960.

Fred was in the 1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers (Tower of London) 1955, he went to Suez during the crisis in 1956/7, 1957/8 Persian Gulf, 1959 Kenya and 1959/60 Malta.

He met his Maltese wife Carmelina whilst posted in Malta, they married in September 1960. They had 4 children and have 5 Grandchildren.

Bob Keating

Bob passed away on 19 July 2016 after a long battle with cancer. He served for many years since the early 1960s, mostly with the Royal Fusiliers and 3rd Fusiliers, a tour at Balham as Senior PSI with C Company, and rising to become the Regimental Sgt Major of 1 RRF. He was commissioned in 1985 and again served with the 3rd Battalion. His last serving job was as PSAO of the London Irish Company of the London Regiment. After retirement he successfully organised regimental pilgrimages to Italy to visit Cassino and Anzio which were enjoyed by members of the 1 RF Branch for which we will always be grateful.

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